Cooking and Chatting 英会話 X 料理教室 新形態の楽しい、アットホームな雰囲気のイベント

Learning English, or any foreign language is difficult – textbook after textbook of grammar and vocabulary don’t bring a language to life. Meeting people, talking to people, learning from people, teaching people, loving people and even hating people – that’s what brings a language to life! At Hypotize KK, we have many years of experience running English classes in Tokyo all with the goal of making English fun and easy. We love this concept so much, that we made it into our brand!

Motivation is key when learning a language. Through Fun and Easy English Cooking and Chatting we are hoping to make learning English even more fun, and even easier, and to help you keep your motivation up! So come along and cook, eat, talk, make new friends and enjoy speaking English, all at the same time! Please signup for our events on Meetup from the event introductions below, or just mail us at mail@funandeasy.jp if that’s easier.


新しく言語を勉強するとき、やる気がキー。Fun and Easy English Cooking and Chattingを通じて、われわれは英語を習うことを楽しく、もっと簡単にし、皆様のやる気を高く保つことを目指している。皆様もどおぞ、イベントに来て、一緒に料理したり、食べたり、新しいと友達を作ったり、楽しく英語で喋ったりしよう!イベントへの参加をご希望の場合、下記のMeetupサイトで登録するか、あるいはメールで mail@funandeasy.jpまで申し込んでしてください。