Report – Mexican Night


solThe rain was pouring down, but everyone made it on time (thanks to the ever-present Tokyo taxis). Before everyone got busy cooking up a storm we started with some drinks – five different kinds of Mexican beer and some Argentinian and Chilean wine.


No Mexican dinner would be complete without a bowl of Guacamole, so this is what we made first. With expert garlic chopping by Risa, and some premium quality lime squeezing by Takuya, we had the Guacamole ready in a jiffy. The one kilogram bag of Tortilla chips to accompany it made an impressive sight!

Black Bean Dip

While the Black Bean Dip didn’t look so appetizing, but with the addition of a decent amount of chillies by Yuko and careful mixing, it certainly tasted great and packed a punch.

Mexican Street Salad


This recipe is from Jamie Oliver, and it really looked impressive. Thanks to some great vegetable chopping skills from Hisaki, Yuri and Risa we were able to wrangle all the ingredients together, and create what was probably the biggest bowl of salad I’ve seen in a long time. All nine of us present at the dinner had a decent helping of this Mexican Street Salad but there was still more than enough left over to feed another nine people!

Spicy Chicken, Mango & Jalapeño salad

Taeko took extra care in the preparation of the Spicy Chicken, Mango & Jalapeño salad, and with help from Yuko on the mangos, it turned out great. Sweet mango, sour lemon and spicy jalapeños! Awesome!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Justine was in charge of the Chicken Tortilla Soup and did an amazing job. With help from Takao on the chicken, tomatoes, chicken broth, and some herbs and spices were transformed into a delicious, heart-warming soup. Almost enough to make you wish you had been born in Mexico so your mother could have cooked it for you.

Steak Fajitas

I (Michael) marinaded the steak for 24 hours and it was definitely worth it. The New Zealand beef rump steak from Nisshin was transformed into tasty, succulent, cooked to perfection Steak Fajitas. With sautéed onions and peppers as an accompaniment, plus heaps of guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese, these Fajitas were amazing.


By this point in the night, everyone was pretty full, but we managed to fit in some chocolates and coffee. And Taeko opened up a pack of caramel popcorn she had received from her boss. Delicious!

Stories in English

This time, as we sipped on our coffees and nibbled on chocolates I asked everyone to write a secret down for sharing with the group. I read all the secrets out, and we guessed who they belonged to. Taeko surprised everyone with the best secret of the night, but I won’t share it here!

Everyone managed to stay speaking only in English throughout the night, and everyone had a great time. By the time everyone left just after ten, the rain had stopped, and everyone went out to brave the trip home with full stomachs and hopefully a few good memories of the night.